How we got started

Jalaravi kabinet Tallinn Tartu Pärnu

Hello, My name is Monika and I am the founder of Jalaravi Kabinet. I’m glad you’ve found us and I want to tell you quickly how we got started.

There is a good saying, “50% you have to do yourself and 50% you have to have luck!”

That’s how I got to work in a neighbouring country about ten years ago and discovered a foot care service.

It was like love at first sight. I saw how people got help right away. It took 3 years to study the specialty in a local language, which of course I did not know at the time.

I remember how I got an invitation to a nursing home to do foot care for a bedridden elderly person. The client had been lying in bed for half a year because he had allegedly forgotten to move.

His legs were very out of order. I did the maintenance and when I was done, everyone was invited to lunch. The client who had not risen from the bed was sitting on the edge of the bed at one point.

He got up and went to eat. Completely on their own feet, only the rollator was helpful.

After such a surprise, I learned that this is a profession I want to do for the rest of my life.

Help people enjoy their lives. People who had not moved for years without pain were able to walk painlessly or with much less discomfort after foot care.

How did I get back home?

I still visited relatives and acquaintances in the country. Sometimes I took the tools with me and took care of my loved ones’ feet. Until then, my family acquaintance, who was 70 at the time and very ill, started telling me why you’re not coming home? Our people also need such a service. I thought that everyone in my country has such healthy and well-groomed legs that there is no need for such a service here. Beauty service is enough. The surprise was great when on the next visit, my family friend had organized a dozen people in need to come home to get foot care. Studying this specialty in Finnish, it is still difficult to give value to a client in Estonian.

Nevertheless, I got the idea that I would still try to offer this service in Tartu.

Today, we have opened three offices in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu. I have trained all my professionals to work with the training I was taught.

Today, we have helped thousands of people live fuller lives by improving their leg health. Each of our clients is very important and we do our job with passion.

Our offices are located in:

Narva mnt 13

Served by:




E-T 9-18: 00

K-N 10-19: 00

R 9-15: 00

Rüütli 19, Tartu

Served by:

Anna and Anneli


Mon-Fri 8-19pm

R 8-16: 00

Suur-Sepa 14, Pärnu

Pille will serve you.


E-T 8-17: 00

K-N 9- 18:00

R 9-15: 00

Meet your specialists

Check out our team of specialists.

Monika Jalaravi Kabinet

Monika Simm


Monika trains and develops the service with great passion, so that all customers can get help.

Anna Jalaravi Kabinet


trainer / tartu

Anna is friendly, attentive and loves meeting new people. She is a curious and determined problem solver.



Tartu specialist

Be calm and precise in your work. Friendly and always smiling. Does the work he loves.



Pärnu specialist

Pille is always ready to help and loves to solve feet problems. 



Tallinn specialist

Is shy, but with great passion. Always a smiling and good-natured young person who is praised by customers.


Masseuse in Tallinn

Curious and talkative. He likes to help people with massage. 

123684775_845862976186831_3901842221990399199_n (1)


customer service

Katrin helps our clients by phone and you can always find her in the office with a smile.




Raul is our sales manager and helps with product sales.