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During the consultation, our specialist will give you advice and examine your feet.

Price 5.-

Foot health mapping looks at whether the blood circulation is working, checking balance, joint mobility, skin and nail condition, foot sensitivity, foot position and the effects of underlying diseases on foot health.

Price 15.-

Machine-performed foot care includes: treatment of thickeners; nail cutting; peeling of the feet, trimming of the cuticles and nails, foot bath and creaming, massage. Suitable for those who do not have any problems directly. It differs from a pedicure because we offer a service that helps prevent and alleviate foot ailments and treat existing problems. We don’t nail it, we find a solution to make your feet feel good. Healthy legs – Healthy body!

Price 39.90

Machine-based foot care: Foot health mapping, foot bath (if health permits) removal of major problems for the first time (nail shortening / sanding, thickening treatment, skin care, joint and muscle massage (if health allows), aids and home care Suitable for clients with very thick nails, diseases in the background that do not allow to bathe the legs, the legs are brittle and the skin is brittle and thin or vice versa very thick thickeners.We always choose the primary service, because then time to analyze and improve the health of your feet.

Price 49.-

Particular care should be taken when caring for the elderly and those with health problems, such as diabetes and joint inflammation. Swelling, redness and redness may occur on the skin; Gout, “restless” legs, difficulty sitting, muscle weakness.
For the elderly, we have developed a special foot care that takes into account the most common age changes. The service is suitable for the first visit of 70+ clients.

Price 35.-

We recommend coming to a single procedure if:

You have an urgent problem that needs to be resolved.

For example, removal of an ingrown nail or painful frog eye (s), removal and treatment of a wart. Need to install a prosthesis on one nail. Or clamp installation on one nail (corrector). The price of the clamp is added to the latter by 15 euros.

Price 25.-

GoldPlasma is extremely successful in treating fungal infections.

ColdPlasma conservative treatment not suitable for antibiotic treatment. Fixes:

  • fungal infection (nail and foot fungus)
  • herpes infection
  • Relieves many problems associated with skin diseases. For example, psoriasis, diabetic foot ulcers.
    ColdPlasma completely cleanses the treated area, killing 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and fungi. Also helps in cell proliferation by accelerating nail growth. Collagen synthesis is also accelerated
  • ColdPlasma has no side effects, but contraindications include pacemakers, pregnancy, lactation, and chemotherapy. This service must be chosen together with a specialist. It is not suitable for the first service. The price of the service starts from 40 euros and depends on the size of your problem.

Klenz antifungal hygiene treatment – is the most innovative technology.

Sterilizes, disinfects and deodorizes your shoes, hats, masks, phone, toys, clothes, socks.

Our closet holds smaller items that you want to clean from viruses, bacteria, fungi and other “bad characters” who want to harm us. Read more on the blog.

Price from 5.-

Massage has good properties: Makes fluids and blood move in the body, stretches already shortening muscles longer, the body gives us messages through pain. With simple activities, we can improve our quality of life.

We offer massage for both body and feet separately.

Price from 25.-

If you have received a recommendation to wear a compression product from a doctor or want to buy a compression product, it is advisable to consult a specialist before making your first purchase. Our trained specialists can advise you on the right material for the product and the right pressure class.

Price 25.-

We provide foot care as a home service within the cities of Tartu and Tallinn.
Outside the city, 0.4 euros per kilometer is added to the price.

We make an offer to welfare institutions according to the client’s needs!

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Reminder for your booking:
Always be there 5 minutes in advance so that we can start the consultation in time. Bring clean socks to make it safe to put on your shoes.

Be patient if the previous customer’s service time exceeds 10 minutes, because he has a problem that cannot be solved for health reasons!
Bring clean socks and a good mood!

Customer feedback

I am happy to answer because I was very satisfied with the service in the cabin. It is not a very pleasant feeling with your troubled legs, as I am, but you were able to make me feel better, the worries seem to be overcome, I am very grateful that you are so caring and friendly! Congratulations to you!
Hele -Mai
Grateful customer
It's always nice to go to the pill. He works hard to get the problem in the best place - in my case, toenail. Customer service by Pille is also super 🙂
Grateful customer
The experience was fantastic! This time the waitress was Viktoria. A very thorough, balanced and professional classic foot care plus a ColdPlasma treatment session. Caring and communication also made a very good impression (question about allergies, not painful / uncomfortable, etc.).
Grateful customer